Return Policy

Good News! We do offer Returns and Exchanges. However, We Do Not Offer Refunds. You can Exchange a Product with another item, or Return an item for Store Credit. 

Returns and Exchanges will only be accepted if the request is submitted within 3 days of you receiving your package. We cannot not offer exchanges during an ongoing sale for items bought before sale OR for any items bought during a sale at any time. 

In case of any discolouration in jewellery, we will accommodate an exchange for up to 6 months from the date of purchase. 

You can submit your request via email, whatsapp or by DMing us on Instagram. 

Please Note: You have to self ship the received products to us and once it qualifies our QC we shall dispatch your replacement order or provide you with Store Credit. 

Store Credit will be valid for up-to 40 days after you receive it. An exchange cannot take place more than twice against the same Credit Note. 

If you would like us to arrange a reverse pickup,Handling Fee of INR 250 will be deducted from your Store Credit, or be accommodated with your Exchange Item.   

One of our Customer Care team members will be happy to assist you through this process. You can contact them by email at or reach them at +91 9876197906.