About Us

A Note from our Founder - 

So Fetch started as a small passion project in October 2019 out of my apartment in New Delhi. Today, we're a team of 20 people who are all working with a collective goal of making So Fetch a part of every woman's life. 

So Fetch started off as a brand focusing on making unique headbands, with the simple aim of bringing a little bit of joy into someone's life. With time and confidence, we started So Fetch jewellery. Fashion and anything related has so much more power than we often give it credit for, and that's what we wanted to convey and encompass with each product that we made or designed. 

As the years have passed, we have been lucky enough to be recognised and showered with love by over 50,000 customers, who are amazing women unafraid to experiment with their style. They've given us the chance and the confidence to expand our product base and continue to create beautiful accessories. 

All our accessories with their embellishments and patterns, represent a woman’s boldness, her panache, her ability to carry off anything that she wants to without having to think what the world wants her to be perceived as.

Our accessories exist to bring a little bit of fun, adventure and panache into everyday dressing. With every product that we create, our aim is to lend the owner of that product the chance to allow their presence to be felt with something as mundane, yet exciting, as their everyday style. 

Womanhood is beautiful, it is pure, it is enthralling, and above all it is joyous and bright and happy, that's what we hope to represent through everything that we do.


With love, 

Simar Rana 

(Founder, So Fetch)