Covid-19 Policy Update

During this difficult time, there are a few key changes that we are implementing in our place of work as well as in our overall way of working. 

1) Hygiene

Please be rest assured that all our orders are packed with the highest of safety standards and the utmost of care. We have a small team of people who make sure to sanitise each package before it leaves our warehouse. Temperature checks and washing our hands after every 10 minutes have become a way of life around our office. For the safety of our customers, our team as well as our delivery partners, we are adopting the highest safety and hygiene standards that we possibly can. 

2) Shipping and Delivery Times 

First and foremost, thank you for shopping with us at this time. It is a difficult period for small, homegrown brands like ours - and we truly appreciate the support! 

We understand that you'd rather have your order reach you sooner than later, but under the current circumstances, delivery times have been extended to 12-20 days. 

As always, we are trying our best to get your order to you as soon as possible. However, during this pandemic, it is impossible for us to work at full capacity and the same is true for our delivery partners. 

Due to the impact of Covid-19 related restrictions on all delivery channels, we are currently charging a small Cash on Delivery fee of INR 100. Shipping for Prepaid orders is Free. We appreciate your cooperation at this time.

COD is available on all orders upto INR 4000.  

3) Returns and Refunds

We are now accommodating Returns and Exchanges. 

However, please note - Returns and Exchanges will only be accepted if the request is submitted within 3 days of you receiving your package. 

This is for the safety of our customers as well as our staff. 

You can submit your request via email, whatsapp or by DMing us on Instagram. 

Please Note: You have to self ship the received products to us and once it qualifies our QC we shall dispatch your replacement order or provide you with Store Credit. 

Store Credit will be valid for upto 40 days after you receive it. 

If you would
like us to arrange a reverse pickup, a Handling Fee of INR 250 will be deducted from your Store Credit, or be accommodated with your Exchange Item.